The beauty of coloured stones combined with the 18 carat gold is the founding inspiration of Morganne Bello in 2004.

From its start Morganne Bello broke the rules of traditional jewelery. Stones are not set but mobile, presented its their most natural way, their multiple facets touching the skin. The precise jewellery work by our artisans is always discreet allowing each stone to shine out and display our iconic cut without front or back. We work with the best stone cutters mastering the art of making gems glow and shine, creating a feeling of awe and bringing a shiny light to life.

Morganne Bello is recognized for its large variety of gemstones of vivid and energizing colours. Our creations are often born during our journeys and explorations always seeking the most beautiful gems from Africa to India through Brasil. Gem stones are a true gift of Nature, we want to share our passion for them.

We believe in clean, simple designs. Morganne Bello jewels are delicate, colourful. They accompany women in all their emotions and lifestyles. Our jewels can be worn in thousand ways, on a beach in summer, in a cocktail party, alone or stacked.

Morganne Bello invites you to share our passion for the origins, legends and beauty of gemstones. Our creations are worn by thousands of women across many countries, initiating one another among friends, from mother to daughter or the other way around. Our jewels reveal the magnetic beauty of gemstones. They remind us of happy moments, illuminate our daily life with their fascinating and sensual glow. At the end the beauty of our stones and precision of our designs make the Morganne Bello style: pure, joyful, inspired by timeless elegance and femininity.